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  • Dariamackey

    I don't either.  I'm on a computer and I don't see a page that looks like what they said.  Where is the Elections tab?

  • Leturowski

    I'm unable to find Elections tab. 

  • Daisy Atnip

    Try typing in' The plan.. ' I had to get help . They really need to rework this platform .Besides can't find anything or anybody when I get off the phone it logs me out then have to get password reset. This is a problem as well on my PC and shopping sites. Very very aggravating and I'm old ,sickly, and lacking in the fruit of the spirit patience. Pray for me. 

  • Kevintingley68

    This tek stuff can be a bit overwhelming , I send out a prayer for you  

  • morris

    Praying for you, Daisy. I ‘m going to search “the plan” and see what happens. If anything good, l’ll report back. 


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